Executive Functioning Skills

One of Coach Benjamin Mizrahi’s areas of expertise is ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching. Many bright students who have ADHD or Executive Function issues have to work hard to keep their heads above the water because these issues affect them across the curriculum.

Executive functioning is a neuropsychological term that refers to a person’s ability to activate or cure a neural system to help students perform efficiently while carrying out task initiation and follow through, sustained attention, performance monitoring, inhibition of impulses, and goal-directed persistence.

Students and adults can benefit from executive functioning support. When students’ grades suffer because of significant executive functioning weaknesses, these students need explicit instruction and professional support to learn strategies to become more efficient learners actively. Mr Mizrahi teaches  students strategies they can use throughout their lifetimes.

Executive functioning skills are crucial for effective reading comprehension, structuring essays, math problem solving, planning projects, completing homework assignments, performing well on tests, and becoming active learners in the classroom.

Mr. Mizrahi provides executive functioning coaching. He reviews all paperwork, including evaluations, etc., with your consent, before meeting with your child. Once Mr. Mizrahi works on helping your child with the following executive functioning skills: providing tools to help the student better remember and retain information, focus longer on tasks, decrease procrastination, initiate and complete tasks, organize schoolwork, manage time better, and practice thinking before acting. Mr. Mizrahi will model and support your child’s practice of these skills. Our ultimate goals are to increase your child’s awareness of executive functioning and to help your child independently execute and monitor his or her use of these skills in an efficient and timely manner.