7 Reasons Why You Need To Advocate More Than Other Parents

Here are the reasons why you need to advocate more than other parents:

1. Succeeding at school is therapy for a child with ADHD

2. Children with ADHD have maturity delays of up to 3 years⁣

3. Half of children with ADHD also have a learning disability

4. Executive function deficits can be more debilitating than ADHD symptoms ⁣

5. Your child’s teacher may not see her IEP or 504 for months

6. Last year’s teacher won’t necessarily talk to this year’s teacher⁣

7. The emotional underpinnings of ADHD can throw everything off track

Know that you are not enabling or helicoptering. You are taking an active, hands-on role in the education of your child with ADHD. ⁣


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