Help Shape Your Child’s Brain Development

Caring interactions help shape brain development. When a parent shows sensitivity, responsiveness, and consistent caregiving at times of distress, it helps calm the nervous system by acting as a buffer to stress, and supports emotional regulation within the relationship (co-regulation).   
Being able to be that person and that co-regulator for our toddlers is so important because they cannot hold on to their own stresses at this age, it’s too much and they are too little.  
They need to be able to share it with someone who will be able to be a calm and stable shelter for their pain. The more you practice this, the easier it will be for them to eventually hold their own pain (co-regulation -> self- regulation) 
It sometimes doesn’t seem like much, hugging, staying close, giving space, giving empathy- but it really is everything for infants and toddlers. Their growing brains depend on it. 


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