How Do We Change The World By Changing Our Relationship With Our Kids

When you change your relationship with your kids, you are changing family patterns, habits, and narratives.  
You are saying. I’m keeping the healthy stuff and I’m getting rid of the unhealthy stuff. I’m changing the chapters in my family story. I’m changing the generational and historical narratives. We don’t always have to do it the way we’ve always done it. I am doing things differently for myself and for my kids. 
Those decisions change your child, your family, and ultimately the world in which your kids live in. 
Focus your energy on the right things. Growth is a process, so it doesn’t happen overnight. Expect your child to make mistakes. So, will you. That’s okay.  
Acknowledge it. Then, focus on changing the relationship, changing your mindset, and connecting in meaningful ways.  
Stop battling your child into obedience. It obviously doesn’t work.


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