Teach Kids How To Practice Flexibility

Now that kids are home for longer periods of time, it is a wonderful time to teach them one particular executive function skill: Flexibility. 
One of the ways to teach kids how to practice flexibility is through playing old school games in therapy (like Operation) 
Skills like: ️ 
1. Being Adaptable: What do you do when you can’t get that piece out without setting off the buzzer? 
2. Learning how to Reset: Now you have set off the buzzer, what do you do next time? What strategy will you use? 
3. Re-frame the Problem: What can you learn from this challenge? 
4. Get Unstuck: Use a different strategy (since the one you are currently using leads to more buzzing) 
5. Develop your Feelings Vocabulary: Use your words, not your behaviors, to express how you feel (“I’m frustrated I can’t get this piece out” or “I’m disappointed I lost the game”). 
Then, encourage them to generalize these skills to various situations with different people. 
Didn’t know you could learn so much from a game of Operation? 
What are some ways YOU have taught your kids to be more flexible? 


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