Meal Routines and New Food Exposures

(#Repost from @kids_nutritionist’s Instagram)

Which side speaks to you?⁣⁣
There’s honestly no “one” way to feed a family. Both of these strategies work in different situations!⁣⁣
Lately a lot of my clients have been struggling with two things: Meal routines and new food exposures, so I figured a lot of us here are too 🙋‍♀️⁣⁣
Depending on what you may be struggling with, you may alternate these strategies🤷‍♀️. Find what works for YOUR family. ⁣⁣
Holding loving boundaries around a meal routine isn’t easy (or tantrum-proof)🙈. ⁣⁣
Benefits for boundaries with meal routines:⁣⁣
-Kids feel safe with a predictable eating pattern (knowing when food is or isn’t coming)⁣⁣
-Kids learn to tune into their bodies! If they are extra hungry they learn to eat a bit more because another meal won’t be coming for a bit. Or, if they ate a lot earlier in the day, they may not eat as much.⁣⁣
Offering a quick pre-dinner fruit/veggie:⁣⁣

-Is a great way to expose them to new foods⁣⁣
-Can prevent a meltdown⁣⁣
-Keeps them pre-occupied!⁣⁣


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