Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

Highly sensitive children respond more sensitively to their environment. 
They think about and process things deeply. These children don’t warm up to new situations or people quickly and may appear shy or withdrawn. 
They are highly empathic and very intuitive, which means they read others quickly. 
They tend to be easily overstimulated and overwhelmed. They become overloaded quickly. They are often impacted by the opinions of others. 
The focus should not be to “toughen” them up, but to build them up. 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be accepted for the way we show up in this world? 
To not be driven by a need to please others? To not have to meet someone else’s standard? 
Our children desire the same. 
Our highly sensitive children often feel alone in this world. 
It’s okay to be a gentle and a strong force. 
Wind, water, flowers all have these characteristics, and we marvel at them all. 
Our children are no different. 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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