Childhood is an essential phase in a person’s life. Oftentimes their deepest ambitions are rooted from this point in time, and often these are not developed to maturity. As parents, you should be the guiding hand that encourages them to pursue their passions. Here are some tips for cultivating your child’s interests: 

  1. Let the child explore 

Oftentimes parents want to protect their child from the world, and it is their duty to do so. However, there should also be leniency in allowing children to be exposed to different aspects of the world and see where their passions lie. 

  1. Engage the child in their interests 

Be supportive in their interests, answer their questions about the subject, if you do not know the answer then find it together. Buy them the equipment for that hobby or take them somewhere that allows them to perform it like guitar shops or basketball gyms. 

  1. Enjoy the process 

Your child will have many interests during their childhood. There may come a point when you yourself will lose interest in their curiosities. Thus, as a parent, it may be helpful to also enjoy the process of it, so that you may see it not as a chore, but a mutually beneficial experience for both of you. 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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