The Importance of Hugging Your Child Every Day

Hugging brings many other benefits especially when it comes to child development. The nurturing touch of a hug enhances a child’s growth 

A few recent studies highlight the importance of parental affection for children’s happiness and success. 

🤗 Hugging a baby can boost her immunity 

🤗 It boosts a kid’s self-esteem 

🤗 It helps them stay optimistic 

🤗 Leads to better emotional health  

🤗 Boosts confidence in the child at an early age 

🤗 Gives your child a sense of security and enforces parent-kid bonding 

🤗 Makes the child feel important 

🤗 Promotes an increase in trust which is an essential element in building relationships with kids as well as other people 

🤗 Helps them cope with social and other types of stresses that a kid might face 

🤗 It makes them smarter 

🤗 It teaches them to develop empathy 

The oxytocin hormone is released during the act of hugging which has a bunch of positive benefits: 

👉 Helps your kid stay healthy and improving their immune system 

👉 Promotes faster wound-healing and helps decrease inflammation  

👉 Helps reduce the feeling of fear and increases the readiness to take risks and trust others 

So, the next time you hug your child, with their permission, remember you’re also doing great things for their physical and mental health.   

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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