Get Comfortable When Your Child is Being Uncomfortable

As parents, we spend a lot of time making our kids comfortable. No matter where your kid’s starting point may be, it’s important to explore the concept of being uncomfortable and, as parents, learn to tolerate that discomfort when our kids are feeling anxious, nervous, or afraid. It’s not easy. Parents natural instinct is to protect your kids from any and all discomfort.  
You must learn to coach your children to tolerate their discomfort. If you help them figure out coping strategies, they will be better able to respond the next time an uncomfortable or painful situation arises. For your kids to develop their grit and learn to expand their comfort zone, you need to be supportive, engaged, and empathetic, without immediately swooping in to ease their discomfort.  
When your child is in a middle of a frustration, sadness or disappointment and you are very centered and confidently supporting with understanding, you are modeling it right, your words and body posture tells them “ I am here for you and I am strong enough to support you and help you.“

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