What Really Matters

Hello everyone!

I’m Benjamin Mizrahi. I’m a learning specialist and a family educator. Which means that I work with students on developing learning skills and I work with parents with families on raising children, specifically on how we can create an environment conducive to raising children nowadays during the pandemic and in general.

One of my biggest passion as a learning specialist is to create strategies and tools for students who learn differently, who don’t necessarily fit in the box that teachers nowadays offer in the classroom.

When I work with parents, I show them how there’s so many good things that they do and how they can be rearranged and monitored but in a very strategic way. 99% of the parents whom I came across are doing so much for their families.

Nevertheless, much of what they do is in a way that is not helping them manage the house, establish meaningful relationship with their kids… so what I do is that, we really work on what they have already been doing and just rearrange it in a way that is more strategic and helpful to reach their goals. Many times, I hear parents contemplating and even worried about what else they need to do. And most of the time I tell them, you do not need to do more, you need to keep doing what you are doing but a little bit differently. And that is what we, even myself, what we need to do nowadays, take of what we have been doing so far and just change the way we do it in a much more strategic way that can help us achieve our goals as parents.


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