Children at the ages of 3-5 are at the critical stage for reading growth. They begin to build their vocabulary and necessary skills for language literacy such as associating words to objects and actions and the learning of the alphabet. Here are some tips in helping your child to develop their reading and writing skills: 

Use nursery rhymes to build phonemic awareness 

Nursery rhymes are good practice for reading because it helps children to recognize and recite the proper enunciation of words and syllables which helps them to read words aloud. 

Make use of word cards 

Proper reading starts small. Write out simple one syllable words on flashcards and practice reading with your child. It is important to help them properly enunciate these words to instill the proper way of reading and pronouncing. 

Play word games for pastime 

Playing word games helps to build their word recall. Some ideas for these are asking questions like “what words rhyme with hat?” or “what color sounds like hello?”. 

Build their vocabulary with constant, practical examples 

The best way of remembering a concept is constant exposure to it. When introducing a new word to a child, it is best to help them remember by citing the word whenever you encounter that word, such as saying “look, it’s a building!” when passing by one. 

Print out or buy individual letters for word-building exercises 

This practices the child’s letter arrangement and spelling when formulating words. It is an exercise that emulates writing. 

These are only some ways of teaching very young children in reading and writing. It is important to note that these two skills are not separate, but rather both develop simultaneously as the child develops their skills in language literacy. The most important tip of all however, is to be patient with your child. Everyone is unique and develops at their own pace and pressuring them to learn will not make the experience pleasant. 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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