We should teach our children a sense of responsibility from an early age. This is a life skill that will allow the child to flourish in their respective communities and carry on throughout their life. House chores are simple exercises that are beneficial to both their home and the child. Though tiring, these teach the child to contribute to their respective community and to be responsible with their duties. 


  • Put toys back into their containers 
  • Put books back on their shelves 
  • Place clothes in the laundry bin 
  • Clean up after their mess 
  • Help make the bed 


  • Make the bed 
  • Set the table 
  • Feed the pets 
  • Water the plants 
  • Dust the shelves 


  • Do the dishes 
  • Clean the floor 
  • Fold the laundry 
  • Take out the trash 


  • Do the laundry 
  • Clean their rooms and toilet 
  • Clean the house 
  • Wash the car 
  • Make simple meals 


  • Look after their younger siblings 
  • Plan and prepare meals 
  • Go to the grocery store 
  • Mow the lawn 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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